A Message from our Principal: Jan Nolan

Hello to all my Janelle girls & families.

What a difficult & unexpected time we are all going through. Now once again we cannot meet face to face, so Zoom classes will resume for each group.

Recently, in order to enable a COVID-safe welcome of our girls, back to actual classes, many COVID protocols had to be put in place. Our girls’ safety is our first priority.
Many thanks to Liz Miller who took on the role of our official COVID Officer. Liz waded through all the Government & CVI regulations required for us to use the hall, purchased cleaning products & met with hall representatives. I’d also like to send a huge shout out to all our coaches, assistants & mums who volunteered to mop the hall floors, wipe down chairs, table tops, door handles, stair rails, toilet taps etc before & after each class!

Just as we thought we were coming to the end of restrictions, we have found ourselves back in lockdown! It has taken a while to work out how best to go forward, not wanting to shut down for 7 months! We will continue to assess the situation on an ongoing basis.

Comps will most likely not be going ahead (as reported, Ballarat has reluctantly cancelled in 2020), so Zoom classes will emphasize fun, fitness, new skills, staying connected & caring for each other. There will be guest coaches, contests & theme nights.

I encourage everyone to participate. New Zoom fees will be kept to a minimum & are as follows –
Tinies, Subbies $3.00 per class
Juniors, Inters, Seniors $3.50 per class
When we are allowed to resume classes in the hall, fees will be adjusted accordingly.

Please join your group Zoom times to stay fit & to support our coaches & team mates. Nobody knows how long we will be in lockdown, but Janelle people are resilient, strong, we never give up & we support our calisthenic family. Keep safe & in touch.

I miss you all & can’t wait to get back to “normal” classes.

Jan Nolan