Solo and Duo Programme


Calisthenics is predominantly a team sport and the main focus at Janelle Calisthenics is always on the team performance, however team members can also compete individually as soloists or in a Calisthenic Duo. Solos and Duos are a great way to develop confidence and performance skills as well as extending the skills learnt in team items.

There are two types of solos which can be performed. The first is a Calisthenics solo which combines elements of Free Exercises, Dance and may also include Aesthetic and Rhythmic style movement. Team members can compete in Calisthenic solos from 8 years of age. Calisthenic Duos follow similar guidelines and can be performed by team members 11 years or older.
Graceful solos are often inspired by ballet and contemporary dance. They require elegance, poise, strong dance technique and interpretation. Graceful solos combine elements of the Aesthetic and Rhythmic items.

Many Janelle Calisthenic girls have performed a graceful girl solo at the prestigious Royal South Street Society Competition. Some consider winning at South Street to be the highest individual achievement a Calisthenic girl can reach.  Competing in the Senior Graceful Girl Final at the CVI State Championships is another prestigious achievement for graceful soloists. Team members can compete in Graceful Solos from the age of 11.
In order to be eligible to compete in solos, team members are required to pass the relevant pupil skills exam for their age.